photos of Organballoon by Tyler Stewart at The National Music Centre in Calgary, AB

ryan driver and justin haynes first met in toronto while performing in the christine duncan quartet in 2002. since that time they have worked together on ryan's album who's breathing , in the fake new age music band, blah blah 666, the ryan driver quintet, the freedman trio, with john southworth, st. dirt elementary school, and on a number of barnyard records christmas albums.

organballoon plays hymnal improvisations.

halo halo toronto ON
closing party performance with jeff garcia april 29, 2012

photos by ernie shackleton and myk piece

ok quoi?! contemporary arts festival
moncton,  NB
may 2010

 photos by adr

2nd unsuccesful grant application

Dear Nightswimming (Rupal & Brian),

Organballoon is the musical soulchild of Justin Haynes and Ryan Driver who create hymnal improvisations with broken pieces of balloons and a computer. Their research question is as follows: What is our burning question? Justin feels they may have one and is determined in exploring what it might be so we might get closer to an answer; to an ethos; a way forward. Ryan however is unsure that such a thing even exists.

In any case we are looking for help from sources we wouldn't normally think of as those we have already thought of have not even mentioned a burning question.
We wish to put ourselves in your hands.
Those who have asked us!
How do you feel we can get at our burning question?
What is it?
Do we even have one?

All we can do is do what we do (see above).
The propsed project we are presenting to Nightswimming requires a space to perform (indoors, electricity, PA system) and some critical eyes, ears and open minds.
Might we would humbly suggest a sort of mixed jury to attend several performances and attend to this question of a burning question?

We, like you, see research and development as a long-term process, rather than simply as a short-cut to production.
It is where we live.
More specifically: We would like several kicks at the can.
Perhaps several (4?) performances with theatre professionals of your choice as well audience members, students, interns, volunteers, strays, friends, allies, enemies, etc...

We would be very grateful to recieve $1000 each for this work which we would prefer to happen sometime during the summer as the fall gets busy again for all of us I'm sure.
Our goals are multidimensional and ill-defined.
That is also where we live.

Like no one else I know Ryan Driver shrinks so far back into the simple heart of the matter, of any matter, that he leaves it disabled. And only once disabled does the heart of the matter become simply the heart (read: soul). So it is not a question of whether or not the soul exists but that nothing else possibly could. What was once significant is now fundamental and what is fundamental is that there is no magic. There is only soul. He has no use for balloons inflated with gas. Only broken ones he can sing into. If you think this, or anything else for that matter, "weird", he might suggest you point to something that is not. And in this practice he can excel or shrink but it makes no difference for there is only soul. He is the only unique adult I know.
-Justin Haynes

Knowledge knows no limit because in its heart
it knows that it cannot and must not exist
(except forever in flux and intangibly within its own heart).
Justin Haynes knows and tactfully imparts this.
He leaves it where it is.
He nonchalantly gestures toward it rather than pretending to offer it.
Justin's heart is deep, honest, steady, passionate, and devoid of fear.
Though he himself is not fond of music,
his contributions to the art form are thus far invaluable.
Let his voice be an inspiration to a world of frivolity.
-Ryan Driver
I hope this is sufficient to get a conversation started. I really believe we are fine candidates for your program and that our Research Question is compelling and challenging. What could possibly go wrong? Please let us know if we can provide you with more information. Again there is only one recorded expample of our music (and at that not a particularly good one). It is available here.

Best wishes! We hope to hear from you soon.

Justin Haynes & Ryan Driver
Toronto, Canada